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This is perhaps the most crucial time in our history

I have always been fascinated by the power of individuals to shape and influence history. Why do people feel, think and act the way they do? What is the anatomy of human creativity and human destructiveness — the root of the invisible influences, both individual and collective, which can both create and destroy civilization?

I wanted to understand the causes – religious, political and psychological – which could drive human beings to the depths of depravity and the heights of altruism and self-sacrifice. How are we conditioned by beliefs and habits of behaviour to respond to events in the way we do?

The Dream of the Cosmos is the story of a multi-layered quest to understand the causes of human suffering and to reconnect with a deeper reality than the one we inhabit in this physical dimension of experience. It seeks to answer the questions: “Who are we?” and “Why are we here, on this planet?” It is offered to those who are looking for something beyond the superficial values of our culture, who may be disillusioned with religious and secular belief systems as currently presented and who question political values, which are deeply mired in the pursuit of power.

Episode 4, Restoring the Divine Feminine. Anne Baring interviewed by David Lorimer

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for the Scientific and Medical Network. Awakening to a New Story: The Evolutionary Imperative of Our Time

This richly illustrated talk assesses how what Anne calls the ‘Four Paths to Union with the Divine Ground’ (ie Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism and Christianity) have assisted or impeded the recognition of the sacredness of the Earth and our role on this planet. It looks at the shadow aspect of these paths, including their ‘Up and Out’ cosmology and shows how some have conditioned us to regard nature as inferior to spirit, and to consider ourselves to be ‘above’ nature and separate from the life of the planet. They do not address the fundamental questions: what is the purpose of the material universe and the value and meaning of our lives as part of it? The New Story tells us that we have an inspiring purpose and an agenda to accomplish: to carry out the will of the Cosmos for this planet; to safeguard its life; to cherish every aspect of its divinity.

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A Crucial Time of Choice

As a Jungian analyst and a historian, I would like to offer an archetypal overview of why the current crisis may have come into being; showing when, where and how the masculine and feminine archetypes – reflected in the image of a God or Goddess – became separated, and why this separation has had such a deep impact on Western civilization. I am not speaking only of the pandemic but the far greater challenge of climate change.

Today we are faced with a choice — a choice that will determine whether or not we survive as a species. Through ignorance, hubris and the belief that we could dominate nature to the advantage of our species alone, we have interfered so disastrously with the organism of the planet, that over the last 50 years, our growing numbers and our mindless exploitation of its resources have brought about not only the destruction of 60% of all species but also the crisis of climate change. (2)

“The Dream Of The Cosmos“ presents the crisis of our time with great clarity and offers solutions for individual and planetary healing. This book is concise, thorough and scholarly as well as poetic, heartfelt and spiritual. Anne Baring’s magnum opus is a gift to humanity that will light the way to greater consciousness and healing.

Anne Baring’s magnum opus

The Dream of the Cosmos

Anne Baring’s magnum opus, twenty years in the making, is one of the publishing events of the year: brilliant, profound and magisterial in its scope. In it she addresses the real cultural roots of our multi-faceted crisis — spiritual, psychological, ecological, social, political and economic.
David Lorimer, Programme Director, The Scientific and Medical Network
The need to heal the split between spirit and matter — the need for the return of the feminine — is one of the most important stories of our present time. Few have dared to penetrate to the very foundation of this cultural split and to comprehend the real depths of the imbalance that now threatens our whole planet. Anne Baring’s book is a testimony to the Feminine: it is the story of what we have lost and what we need to regain.
Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee author of The Return of the Feminine and the World Soul
As Anne Baring writes in her opening, this book is a vocation. It is the opus magnum for which one might say, without exaggeration, Anne has incarnated in this lifetime to produce for the benefit of many. The Dream of the Cosmos is at once both a visionary autobiography including many of Anne’s own dreams, and a comprehensive archetypal history of the constellation, separation from, and resurgence of the feminine
Veronica Goodchild, author of Songlines of the Soul
Anne Baring has devoted her life to humanity’s recovery of the anima mundi – the soul of the world, and indeed its own soul. The Dream of the Cosmos is the climax of that quest, the fruit of a lifetime of thought and feeling, learning and vision. It is the story of a dramatic personal journey, but also an attempt to confront the greatest issues facing our time. Every page breathes her moral passion, her love of beauty, her spiritual aspiration, her deep care for the Earth.
Richard Tarnas, author of The Passion of the Western Mind and Cosmos and Psyche
Anne Baring is one of the great pioneers on the Divine Feminine of our time. Her work is a marvelous marriage of profound learning, deep and mature mystical experience and a vivid immediate gift of communication. Her latest book, The Dream of the Cosmos, is the consummation of her life’s work, twenty years in the making. It is a masterpiece that will last a long time and deserves to be read by all seekers and anyone interested in the birth of a new civilization out of the chaos of our time.
Andrew Harvey, author of Return of the Mother and Radical Passion

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About Anne

Researcher, Scholar, Jungian Analyst, Cosmic Poet

I travelled widely in India and the Far East during the 1950’s before training and practising as a Jungian analyst. I am a member of the Scientific and Medical Network and, until my retirement from private practice in 2000, I was a member of the Association of Jungian Analysts, London and the International Association for Analytical Psychology. I have lectured for several years in both the United Kingdom and the United States. In my recent online seminars course, I draw together my interest in psychology, mythology, ecology, fairy tales and alchemy. In 2013 I published my latest book, The Dream of the Cosmos: a Quest for the Soul that is a summary of my life work.

  • BA Oxon 1953,  MA Oxon 1981, PhD (hons) in Wisdom Studies, Ubiquity University 2018
  • 60 years of research in: psychology, history, politics, mythology, ecology, fairy tales, alchemy
  • 15 years Jungian Analyst (member of the Association of Jungian Analysts)
  • 30 years Member of The Scientific and Medical Network and has frequently lectured for them
  • 10 years Research and Write: The Myth of the Goddess
  • 25 Seminars taught, 45 Publications, 8 Books

My original website is still accessible.

You can contact me at

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„The Dream Of The Cosmos“ presents the crisis of our time with great clarity and offers solutions for individual and planetary healing. This book is concise, thorough and scholarly as well as poetic, heartfelt and spiritual. Anne Baring’s magnum opus …
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