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A Prayer for the New Millennium

At the threshold of this new millennium may the Holy Spirit of Wisdom awaken us to a deeper sense of our relationship with the Earth, with each other, and with the hidden dimensions of life still veiled from our sight.

May Her Light and Love shine through our hearts and illumine our minds. May She help us to become aware of the oneness and sacredness of life and to care for our neighbour as our self.

May She help us to recognize and transform evil and to respond to the torment of all persecuted peoples as if it were our own. May She help us to see that evil is the willingness to inflict terror, pain, humiliation, torture or death on other human beings.

May She heal those who are unable to love and who carry a deep wound caused by intolerable suffering in childhood. May they be released from the compulsion to inflict pain and suffering on others.

May She free us from bondage to political and religious fanaticism whose devastating legacy we witness today. May She guide us to choose conscious leaders who serve the true needs of all peoples and all species on this planet.

May She help us to find the courage and determination to restrain the greed that is destroying the Earth’s ecosystem and exploiting its resources for the  benefit of our species alone. May She inspire us to offer our lives in service of the great web of living relationships that is Her life and the life of the Cosmos.

May She give us the humility, wisdom, strength and compassion to accomplish the Great Work of transmuting our nature from base metal into gold.

– Anne Baring