Prayer of the Holy Mother


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Prayer of the Holy Mother

copyright©Anne Baring

Gather my tears in your hands
Bathe your eyes in their sweetness,
For in My tears lies no bitter salt.
Rather like honey
or like dew will you feel them
As you take them to your face and heart.
They are the tears of womanhood,
Shed for the cruelty and blindness of man.
They are the tears of motherhood
Shed for the useless death of her sons.
Each time I see cruelty, greed
or senseless destruction I shed these tears,
Hoping that they will melt the harshness
And the greed of man.

I weep when I see the gifts of Life
So shamelessly laid to waste.
O let my tears blind those
Who want to shed their brothers' blood,
Soothe those who are wounded in battle
Melt the heart of Cain,
ever ready to murder Abel.

O lisen to My voice
And let the gentle sound of pity
Cling to your devoted hearts.
These I will impregnate
With the gentleness of My healing powers
That I hereby bestow on your hands
If you will give your voice
To the service of My cause.



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