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I would like to offer a meditation on the body, to restore its value and its preciousness as a temple and as the physical manifestation of the soul—the vital connecting intermediary between nature and spirit:

Imagine your body as a vessel; a receiver and transmitter of light.

Imagine there is a glowing jewel in the place of each of the seven chakras: ruby, fire opal, topaz, emerald, sapphire, amethyst and diamond.

Thank it for everything it has done for you in your life, past and present.

Thank it for the miracle of its being. Say to it that you deeply regret that it was made to suffer in the past and that you will take great care of it in the future.

Imagine love flowing from your heart into every part of it, flooding it with light.

Recognize your body as the connecting link between invisible spirit and the physical environment all round you: the earth, the trees, the plants and flowers, the food you eat, all the things you make and creatively transform with the raw materials of life.

See it as the finest transparent substance, like crystal or a beautiful jewel, such as a diamond. See that crystalline or jewel-like form irradiated by the healing light of the cosmos that flows through and sustains the whole of the manifest world.