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Worlds or Dimensions beyond Ours

We are immortal and we retain our individuality after our death. There are literally millions of unseen worlds, planes or dimensions inhabited by countless numbers of souls but there appear to be three basic levels of reality: our physical world, an intermediate level of soul worlds, and a level that is beyond description that represents what may be called the divine world. Some souls reincarnate into this material world. Others don’t. There seems to be a possibility for souls to circulate between many of these different worlds or levels.

There is no specific heaven or hell to which people can be consigned indefinitely but there are states of being which can be compared to these. The words “Summerland” and “Shadow Lands” are often mentioned in communications from the other side.

There is always the possibility of help being given by more advanced souls to those who are in denser, more unconscious states and who have the choice of responding to the help that is offered.

It is not what we believe but how we live our lives here that draws us to the plane we will inhabit there. No saviour accomplishes our redemption for us. We save, redeem and heal ourselves through the care and service we give to others and to life because we have the innate capacity to do so and because we carry divinity within us, as part of the innate divinity of all life.

Underlying and permeating this plethora of worlds is the light and love of the divine ground which emanates from the highest plane and animates and sustains all worlds, all levels of reality. The cosmic ground of being is described as an immeasurable ocean of light and love.

Our world is permeated and sustained by this cosmic light and love but we cannot see it or feel it.

We and everything on this planet are the embodiment, the creation of that light and love. Light in the higher worlds does not come from the sun but from this ineffable source of light. The closer the zones or spheres are to the source, the more radiant they are and the finer their vibrational frequency. The beauty of these higher, inner or finer zones is indescribable. A communication recorded in a most interesting book written by a lawyer, Edward C. Randall and first published in 1922 and republished in 2010, called Frontiers of the Afterlife, says:

Our world is composed of matter as real and definite as your own, but that matter vibrates at a higher rate, consequently your undeveloped senses can have but little cognisance of it. And, your own sphere being composed of matter at a low rate of vibration, it is almost equally as difficult for us to manifest on your plane as it is for you to penetrate ours… The principle of cooperation between the two planes is what we desire to establish, for this principle of cooperation is an essential condition for the development of the consciousness from your low and stagnant vibrations to those that are higher and healthier and more in keeping with the spirit’s deepest longing, more in harmony with that process that is working for the ultimate and absolute destiny of the evolving spirit of man.