New Book Messages From A Transcendent Dimension

Messages from a Transcendent Dimension

Available from July 1st 2023 from Archive,, and
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The Dream of the Cosmos

„The Dream Of The Cosmos“ presents the crisis of our time with great clarity and offers solutions for individual and planetary healing. This book is concise, thorough and scholarly as well as poetic, heartfelt and spiritual. Anne Baring’s magnum opus …
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The Divine Feminine

This book is a celebration of the Sacred Feminine, the feminine face of God as it has been expressed in different cultures all over the world. The Divine Feminine is initiating a crucial new phase in our evolution: urging us …
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The Myth of The Goddess

When we began this book we intended simply to gather together the stories and images of goddesses as they were expressed in different cultures, from the first sculpted figures of the Palaeolithic era in 20,000 BC down to contemporary pictures of the Virgin Mary.
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The Birds Who Flew Beyond Time

The story of The Birds Who Flew Beyond Time is inspired by the great Persian poet Farid ud-Din Attar’s classic twelfth century allegory, The Conference of the Birds. This magical retelling for children aged 7 years and over shows that …
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Soul Power

Now is a pivotal time. There is an opportunity to engage the whole of humanity in an evolutionary advance, if only we can understand what’s happening and why. This book helps us do just that. Our brilliant technological culture inflicts …
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The Mystic Vision

This outstanding anthology, as precious as a Book of Hours, is the fruit of a search for the quintessence of the mystic vision and the mystic experience. It offers a treasury of texts for contemplation, chosen from the great religious …
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The One Work: A Journey Towards The Self

The story of a personal quest for the underlying meaning of Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity and their essential message: the reunion of the conscious human self with the divine ground. This book has been republished in the US in 2021 and is available on
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El Mito De La Diosa

The Spanish edition of my book “The Myth of the Goddess”.
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Il Sogno del Cosmo: una Ricerca dell’Anima

The Italian edition of my book “The Dream of the Cosmos”.
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Le Rêve du Cosmos une Quête de l’Âme

The French edition of my book “The Dream of the Cosmos”.