Awakening to the Divine Feminine

The Awakening of the Soul

Once upon a time, the feeling for the sacredness of life and relationship with the Cosmos was a deep instinct, shared by the whole of humanity. Then, almost imperceptibly, it was lost. During the millennia of the patriarchal era, a tremendous problem has been constellated. It is this: in a civilization which has been structured by religions which split nature from spirit and by a male image of God presiding over religions and institutions created entirely by men and by a polarizing mythology which glorifies power, conquest and the mastery of nature, how can the long-silenced voice of the Divine Feminine – the voice of the Soul of the Cosmos – be heard? How can a different concept of deity develop — one which embraces the Feminine dimension of the Divine and the realm of nature and would never condone, let alone encourage and promote blood sacrifice? How can we begin to recognize once again the sacredness of Earth, the sacredness of the Cosmos and the role we might play in a great cosmic drama if we were once again able to align ourselves in a harmonious relationship with them?
Throughout this era, woman’s voice has been silenced. We can only imagine her grief and despair through the centuries of slaughter, when she lost her husband and sons in endless wars,

her daughters to rape and slavery; when no-one listened to her impotent grief and rage that the life she had given birth to and loved and cherished should be so casually destroyed by men armed with the weapons of war.

As part of awakening to the presence of the Divine Feminine, it is surely time for women of every nation, religion and ethnic group to say: “Enough is enough! There must be an end to this slaughter, rape and interminable suffering.”            

The voice of the long-silenced Feminine is needed to heal the Wasteland—the current state of the planet and the lives of the billions of men, women and above all, children that are blighted or destroyed by human cruelty, greed and ignorance. Centuries of conflict between nations, religions and ethnic groups have brought us to the present time when we must find a way of transcending this archaic pattern of behaviour or risk destroying ourselves as a species. Will we choose to imitate the patterns of the past, or can we embrace the truly immense transformation of consciousness we will need to make if we wish to forge a different future for coming generations?

The Excerpts

Selected Excerpts from chapters 4 & 10 of my book: The Dream of the Cosmos

I am deeply into reading one of the most important and evocative books I have ever read. It is a work of genius and transformation.
– Jean Houston, Author and Visionary
Anne Baring is one of the great pioneers on the Divine Feminine of our time. Her work is a marvelous marriage of profound learning, deep and mature mystical experience and a vivid immediate gift of communication. Her latest book, The Dream of the Cosmos, is the consummation of her life’s work, twenty years in the making. It is a masterpiece that will last a long time and deserves to be read by all seekers and anyone interested in the birth of a new civilization out of the chaos of our time.
– Andrew Harvey, author of Return of the Mother and Radical Passion
The Dream of the Cosmos is at once both a visionary autobiography including many of Anne’s own dreams, and a comprehensive archetypal history of the constellation, separation from, and resurgence of the feminine. Included in this deep scholarship are profound insights into the origins of misogyny as well as the soulful claims of instinct and its dangerous shadows expressed in violence and oppression. Anne leads us on a remarkable journey to understand the roots of our current suffering and the way forward to embrace a new and necessary sacred vision of reality—one supported by the new sciences—that includes the whole of nature and the cosmos. If you read only one book in the next decade, this encyclopaedic volume is the one you should read.
– Veronica Goodchild, author of Songlines of the Soul: Pathways to A New Vision for a New Century
The ‘Dream of the Cosmos’ addresses and resolves a whole range of historical, cultural and psycho-spiritual issues with real insight and modesty. It is an exceptional work by an exceptional woman. Not to be missed.
– Dr. John Stanley

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