Urgent Call to All Humanity: War and Violence Stops Now!

This is a critical moment in our evolution. The choices we make now will determine our collective futures, for centuries to come. War and violence has to stop NOW. War is an ancient sacrificial ritual, which has become a highly profitable high-tech industry. War is a collective psychosis where fear and hatred overwhelm the human mind and heart. Men are not naturally cruel but regress into barbarism when destruction of the enemy becomes the overriding goal.

Most of us do not experience the carnage of war. But those who are ordered to fight and kill, if they survive, are traumatised for the rest of their lives from the atrocities they have witnessed and the injuries they have sustained.

War devastates the lives, homes, and livelihoods of millions and the life of our planet. This is unacceptable and has to STOP. Bitterness, hatred, fear, and trauma pass from generation to generation. Trauma does not vanish with time but is held within the collective psyche of humanity, which creates a perpetual cycle of further war and violence.

Must we remain enslaved to this devastating pattern? NO! Women are one half of humanity, yet our voices are not heard sufficiently to stop this madness. War is anathema to mothers who have raised their children from infancy to adulthood. Mothers and grandmothers never recover from the unbearable loss of their beloved children and grandchildren. There is only one power in the world that can eliminate war and violence. That power is women in service to Love. We call upon the Women of the World to join us in Commanding that All war and violence Stops NOW!

Anne Baring (annebaring@freeuk.com) and Elisabeth Williams (lis@awepartners.com)